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The website is owned by

 (hereafter, website, or the Website Owner, indistinctly). This company is registered at the Commercial Register of Bulgaria.

Below, we shall proceed to group the conditions that in general regulate access to the pages of the Owner, both the services and the features offered herein, without prejudice to the application of other distinct conditions, which is why a periodical reading and revisions is recommended. If you need advice, or if you have a complaint, suggestion or doubt, please write to us at:



These General Conditions of Use are signed by the Owner, on the one hand, and on the other by you, as a natural or legal person that access voluntarily  and freely the pages of the Owner’s website.

It is sufficient for you to visit the Owner’s Website for these conditions to apply and for you to be subjected to these General Conditions of User, without prejudice to the fact that you may also be subject to other types of specific conditions.


To use this service, you must be of legal age in accordance with what is established under Spanish law. Since this is a necessary condition, the Owner reserves the right at any moment to require information or documentation necessary to verify your age. If at any moment, we observe that the service is being used by minors, the Owner will proceed to suspend and/or cancel its relationship with the user, prohibiting access to the service immediately.

The data that you supply to the portal must be correctly written and truthful, so the Owner reserves the right to cancel, totally or partially, to suspend, temporarily or permanently, its relationship to the user in case we observe a breach in this regard.

For the moment, assume that you are the only one responsible for your actions, demonstrations and performances. 


All browsing and access to the Website is free for any internet User.

Regardless of the above, all contracting of the services offered by the Owner and provided to the Users entails the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the payment of its relative price.


By simply accessing the Website, as a User you undertake to:

  1. Use the Website diligently, correctly and legally, while respacing morals and public order. At the same time, you must respect all laws in force, especially all laws concerning intellectual and industrial property rights and the protection of data.
  2. Consult and revise periodically the changes that may have been applied to the General Conditions of Use, as well as any other conditions that may be applied.
  3. Not use the page for business purposes, such as the collection of information or contents in order to provide services that are in competition with those of the Owner.
  4. Read the information supplied by the Owner as they might contain important information.
  5. Not to perform actions that may introduce computer viruses, trojans, worms or that may interrupt the features of the Website.
  6. Abstain from performing acts whose aim is to modify or mimic the appearance and functions of the Webpage.
  7. Not to employ reverse engineering techniques in order to decipher, decompile or implement any other system whose aim is to recognise the source code of the website or any element subject to any underlying copyright or intellectual property laws.
  8. Not to disable, damage, overcharge or hinder the service or the networks connected to this service that may interfere with the use and enjoyment of the website.
  9. In any case, not to take actions that many violate the rights or interests of the Owner or any third party.
  • Identification of the Parties

These Specific Registration Terms are signed by the Owner, on the one hand, and on the other, by the User, understood as any natural or legal person of age who, by accessing the website, has accepted these Terms and has completed all the steps required to proceed with his registration.

  • Acceptance

These Specific Registration Terms will be deemed as accepted, this being understood because when a User registers on the Site, he clicks on the registration box that entails the acceptance of these terms.

  • Registration Process

To finish the registration process, the User must fill in and send the corresponding form, upon acceptance of the Privacy Policy and the Specific Registration Terms, thus supplying some information on himself, in addition to a password that must be duly stored by the registered User.

  • Obligations of the Registered User

The User, upon completing the registration form and becoming a Registered User, will have the following obligations:

  1. He is not registered with information that is deliberately false or inexact, nor is he impersonating a third party.
  2. He will not advertise, sell or transfer his account to a third party.
  3. He will use only the account registered in his name.
  4. He will not use third party accounts, unless explicit consent has been given.
  5. He will be responsible for any activity that is made through his account and he must be up to date at any moment.
  6. Try to maintain an adequate confidentiality of the data and access codes provided, since they implicate the damages that may arise from the violation of said confidentiality.
  7. He will be responsible for the damages that third parties may suffer due to a noncompliance with these Conditions or any other conditions applicable.

The Owner is exempted from any type of responsibility that results from the improper access to the content of the Site which results from the registration of a Registered User who provided false or incorrect information about his age.

  • Right to Exclusion

The Owner reserves the right to eliminate or block the account of any User in case of violations of particular gravity of these conditions or any other conditions. The Owner, as well as his administrations, are not responsible for the creation of false profiles on the website.

  • Modification and cancellation of the account

At any given moment, the User may modify the data of his account, and also cancel this account through the options for the configuration of the account available on the website.


The domain name, the logos, the brand names and in general any distinctive sign that is found on the website, belongs exclusively to the Owner or he is in possession of the necessary licenses for their use.

Likewise, all intellectual and industrial property rights over the Website belong to the Owner or he has all the necessary authorisations to exploit it, including all its content, such as concept design, applications, graphics, codes, texts and images present herein.

As a result, even when sources are cited, any reproduction, distribution, public communication (including the making available), transformation or any type of exploitation, is prohibited, unless previously agreed in writing explicitly by the Owner, exclusively on the rights affected.

If you detect any infraction of the intellectual and industrial property rights of the website, send us an email as soon as possible.


The services and features of the website are made available thanks to the work of the Owner. Nevertheless, when you access this site, in accordance with the availability and limitations that occur at any given moment, it will be shown to you “as is.”

It is not possible to offer full guarantees in relation to the intrusions or loss of information that may arise regardless of the efforts of the Owner to protect the systems and contents included on the website, to which end are employed the habitual standards for security on the Internet. In the same way, we cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or damaging elements on the website or on the websites of third parties that may produce alterations in the computer system, both software and hardware, of the User. For this reason, the User understands and assumes that situation may arise that escape the control of the Owner.

The Owner is excluded from all liabilities that derive from the misuse on the part of the User of the website, as well as the noncompliance of the obligations or commitments made under these General Conditions of Use or any other conditions that result applicable.

In no case can the Owner be held liable for how the Users or Registered Users use the website, nor for how the interact with other Users, or from the noncompliance on his part with any of the obligations or commitments foreseen in these Conditions. In particular, the Owner is not responsible of the opinions or comments made by the Users or Registered User through the Website, since these do not represent the opinion of the Owner and he does not revise them, nor submits them to prior approval.

In particular, the Owner, as well as his administrators, are not responsible for the existence of false profiles created on the Website. The Owner will try to process complaints on all false profiles mentioned as soon as possible. All profiles that are detected as being fraudulent, or that have been inactive for thirty days, will be eliminated, which entails the loss of gains or possible gifts that are pending delivery as foreseen in the General Contracting Conditions.

The Owner does not have the capacity to guarantee the veracity of the users, the images or any other information available on the Website. The veracity of the description of the announcement, phone number, email and images are the sole responsibility of the user. The Owner does not confirm the veracity of each announcement, since the Users themselves must prove such veracity. The Owner is not responsible for any possible errors, inaccuracies, deceiving images and information, or what is derived from the information shared by the user on the website. Nevertheless, a complaint system is provided on the website for the Users in order to eliminate the necessary profile, if required.

To be contacted by email or mobile phone / landline you will have to activate your inbox and make your phone number visible. Also, if you are a male user you can also be contacted through special prepaid lines and additional rate lines. If your ad is business-related or it is an erotic advertisement, you can only be contacted through special prepaid lines or additional fees.


The collection of personal data through the Page and its processing by the Owner are regulated by a specific Privacy Police which the User can access by clicking here.

  • Safeguard and interpretation

These General Conditions of Use constitute an agreement between the User and the Owner.

If a provision is declared illegal, invalid or non-executable by a competent authority, we will suppose that this provision should be interpreted in the manner closest to the original intent of the provision. Nevertheless, such declaration with respect to one or more provisions does not prejudicated the validity of the remaining provisions.

If the Owner decides not to require the strict compliance with any of the terms of these Conditions, this cannot be interpreted, nor can it constitute in any case, a renunciation on his part of its execution in the future.